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CJA Telecommunications

Pretoria Head Office 224 Battery Street Silverton, Pretoria 0184
Offices: Pretoria Polokwane Cape Town Bloemfontein Durban
012 803 0058/9
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Below are listed approved Policies for CJA Telecoms.

All staff shall read EVERY Policy, and confirm COMPLIANCE by a TICK next to the relevant policy.

Provide your name at the top of the form.

This compliance record shall be recorded on your personal file by our HR Department.

All new staff shall READ and COMPLY with ALL Policies on this page within 7 working days from

appointment date.

Download Policies in PDF, read and comply on form below for each relevant policy

1. Substance Abuse 2. Gift Policy 3. Company Assets 4. Code of Conduct 5. Internet & Electronic Device


Policy Compliance On-Line


Please provide your name,  and then Download, Read and COMPLY

with all Policies listed below.

You can come back a 2nd or 3rd time to read and comply, if not possible

to read and comply ALL Policies in one session.





Policy Description

Tick to Comply


Substance Abuse Read and Tick


Gift Policy Read and Tick


Company Assets Read and Tick


Code of Conduct Read and Tick


Internet and Electronic Device Read and Tick


Leave Policy Read and Tick


Overtime Read and Tick


Vehicle Read and Tick


Office Dress Code Read and Tick


Living Out Allowance Read and Tick


Enter web form code

Web Form Code

6. Leave 7. Overtime 8. Vehicle 9. Office Dress Code 10. Living Out Allowance (LOA)
Policies of CJA Telecoms
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CJA Telecommunications
CJA Telecommunications
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CJA Turnkey Telecommunications Projects
CJA Telecommunications