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Legal - BEE - Code of Ethics
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CJA Telecommunications CODE OF ETHICS
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CODE OF ETHICS INDIVIDUAL COMMITMENT FORM By completing this Individual Commitment form I agree to the Ethical guidelines as implemented within CJA Telecommunications. I also agree that if I do not abide within the Code of Ethics as stipulated below, I will be held accountable for such conduct by the CJA Management / Disciplinary procedures. I commit: To be entirely truthful in all I say To be faithful to my family and work relationships To do nothing out of selfish ambition or conceit, but to look out for the interests of others To refuse to elicit, accept or pay any bribes, and to report those who do To be a diligent leader without being harsh and unfair to our suppliers and colleagues To be a peacemaker To do my work wholeheartedly To submit myself to just and ethical governing authorities To support my fellow colleagues whenever they are in need To collaborate with my peers and colleagues to create a exciting working environment
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